Living Energy Kundalini (grande)


Handcrafted and unique relief-sculpture of the Kundalini energy, the benevolent, ever-present key to enlightenment. This hand-modelled stoneware (high-firing clay) sculpture comes to life through a long process that includes three firings, the application of glazes and liquid gold, and mounting onto a wooden frame.

Catalogue Number: LE 001/2021

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Additional information

Weight 1.3 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 3 cm
Materials used

Stoneware (high-firing clay); glazes and liquid gold; wooden frame

The long misunderstood Kundalini is a benevolent energy that sleeps in the sacrum bone of human beings. It can be easily awakened if it feels the familiar higher vibrations of a person who is already awakened, and there is an attitude of 'pure desire' (the heartfelt wish to know one's true Self). 'She' rises up the spine to the fontanelle bone, there opening the top energy center in our subtle infrastructure, Sahasrara, thus connecting us to the all-pervading 'mains'. This initiates the state of self-realization, equilibrium, in which a person experiences alert mental silence and a 'cool breeze' flowing throughout one's nervous system.
“When you succeed in awakening the Kundalini, so that it starts to move out of its mere potentiality, you necessarily start a world which is totally different from our world. It is the world of Eternity.”
― Carl Jung, 1932

Catalogue Number: LE 001/2021

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