Mighty Hanuman


Handcrafted and unique sculpture of Hanuman, the monkey god, one of the central characters in the ancient Hindu epic Ramayana. This hand-modelled stoneware (high-firing clay) sculpture comes to life through a long process that includes three firings, the application of glazes and liquid gold, and embellishment with high-quality crystal stones.

Catalogue Number: HRO 020/2023

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Additional information

Weight .62 kg
Dimensions 11 × 8 × 12 cm
Materials used

Stoneware (high-firing clay); glaze and fired gold guilding; high-quality crystal stones

Hanuman, the monkey-god, is one of the central characters in the ancient Hindu Epic Ramayana, he is also mentioned in several other texts, such as the Mahabarata and the various Puranas. Hanuman is considered the ideal brahmachari, the one who follows the path of Brahma.

Hanuman is the quintessential yogi having a perfect mastery over his senses, achieved through a disciplined lifestyle tempered by  celibacy and selfless devotion, bhakti, to Lord Rama and Shri Sita. He performs his actions with detachment, acting as an instrument of destiny rather than being impelled by any selfish motive.

Extract from 'Oakee Doakee — The Ramayana' by Sir Ed Word:

In an ancient forest of the East, before the beginning of what we call time, the roots of a myth were about to sprout:
A pile of leaves on the forest bed was stirring. A white, hairy tail appeared through the brown mass. It flicked this way and that, but stopped suddenly as a soft Voice floated through the green morning air.
“Aaaauuuummmm ... aaaauuuummmm ... aaaauuuummmm,” It whispered, “Hhaannuummaannnn ... Hhaannuummaannnn ... Hhaannuummaannnn. Awaken, little monkey; awaken to your destiny. The world awaits you.”
A shining pink face shot up out of the leaves. Its round, intelligent eyes looked upward and then back and forth as the Voice continued.
“There is much to do, my child.”
“Is that you, Heavenly Mother? What did You call me?” spoke the baby monkey.
“I call you Hanuman, but you will get other names,” replied the invisible Voice.
“But I like this name from You. Why do I need others?”
“In each age, the human race will name you as they see fit.”
“Mother, I am hungry.”
“I have provided you with plenty to eat, my dear.”
“But Mother, I am hungry for adventure. I want to help You with Your work on Earth.”
“You are here to help, dear one, but you must promise me one thing.”
“Anything, Mother.”
“You are all-powerful. You will assume your position as the Archangel. You can remove any obstacle that comes in the way of the life-flow. The universe is your playground. But you will not interfere in the destinies of human beings unless and until I grant you permission.”
“Oh, that’s not fair. I want to make everything perfect!”
“They will reach perfection through their own mistakes and achievements. They will find their way home to Me.”
“Grant me one favour, Mother.”
“I will grant you one favour.”
“Let me tease the arrogant and comfort the innocent.”
“Those are two favours.”
A delicious cool breeze swept through the forest and all was silent.
Hanuman smiled, closed his eyes tight, and jumped high with his hands stretched to the sky.
“YES!” he cried. “Let the Play begin!”


Catalogue Number: HRO 020/2023

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