Sphärenschalen ‘Papageno’ (dark-pink)


These enchanting, hand-modelled ceramic vessels come to life through a delicate process that includes two firings, and the application of glazes and liquid gold.

Catalogue Number: PA 020/2022

(If you are sending this to a special someone as a present, please send me an email with a greeting text when you order, so I can include a creative card!)

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Additional information

Weight .11 kg
Dimensions 8.9 × 8.9 × 2.5 cm
Materials used

Stoneware (high-firing clay); glaze and liquid gold

Welcome to my 'Papageno' series! inspired here in Vienna by Mozart's wonderful, The Magic Flute*.
I hand-model and glaze each piece, and every one of them is therefore original and unique.

"Oh, soon this darkness shall be brightened
And human hearts shall be enlightened;
Then here on Earth a Heaven is found
And mortal men become like gods."

"O, holde Ruhe steig hernieder
Kehr in der Menschen Herzen nieder,
Dann ist die Erd ein Himmelreich
Und Sterbliche den Götter gleich."

Catalogue Number: PA 020/2022

(Product weights and sizes are approximate. Sizes are in the order of height, width, depth.)