Ganesha – a meeting

The Rising Son

One night along the road of life
Just as the burden of my strife
Became a load too hard to bear
There came a boon to ease my care.

It came to me upon a dream
When the pressing darkness seemed
To severe my last grasp on hope,
Leaving me in doubt to grope.

This boon appeared as a white dove
Shining light from far above,
But as it flew to where I lay
I saw only a hill of clay.

As I watched this smooth round mound
I heard a sweet and soothing sound,
And as my mood slowly improved
The living mound began to move.

A child’s body, clothed in flowers,
Radiating super powers,
Grew as if through divine charms,
With two stout legs and four strong arms.

Then to my rising surprise
There appeared two smiling eyes
And, dignified and radiant,
The head of a young elephant.

Now feeling light and filled with joy
I asked this handsome ele-boy,
“What has brought You down to Earth
With Your gifts of love and mirth?”

At first He simply read my soul
Until His gaze had made me whole.
And then He stirred and, playfully,
Crossed His legs and spoke to me:

“I have not come down to you.
If you move your point of view
You will see I’m always here,
In each heart that’s true and clear.”

Then, just as my senses cleared,
All around me I could hear
That healing angelic sound
That rose up richly from the ground.

Soon it filled my every cell
From a deep eternal well.
Finally I was at home
In the bright, primordial Om.

“Wow! How could I’ve been so near
But never feel Your Presence here?”
I asked, ecstatic by the Force
That now flowed from endless Source.

As this cool, enlightening Breeze
Dissolved my fears and doubts with ease,
I looked up and noticed that
My new Friend had donned a hat …

No, not hat, a shimmering crown,
Which shone its light now all around —
And I saw that He now grew
Making every being new.

As He expanded like a cloud
I felt proud to be allowed
To see His great magnificence
Fill the world with innocence.

Tears of gratitude I cried,
As I stood and faced the skies.
If we could all just look within
We would never fall again.

~E.E. Saugstad, 2011

My Work Process

My Work Process

All my sculptures, big or small statues are created by the same lenghty process. Here you can follow my work process for a Ganesha from the beginning to completion.


The Ganesha sculpture is modelled by hand with a high quality white stoneware clay.  After careful drying time it is fired in my kiln.

Bisque Firing

The bisque firing is the first firing, which goes up to 950°C. The clay body has not yet reached maturity and is fired for the first time. It takes 8 hours to heat up to the right temperature and 8 hours to cool down.

Glazing and Second Firing

I now apply the coloured glazing. The 2nd firing goes up to 1150°C. The glaze melts in the fire to combine with the ceramic body. It takes 15 hours to heat up to the right temperature and 15 hours to cool down again.

Gold Application

I use real 23 carat gold for my ceramics. This gold comes in a chemically processed and very toxic liquid form.

I have to apply this liquid gold very carefully with a brush to the surface. Here I am with with my special protective outfit!

Gold Firing

3rd firing: The 750°C gold firing takes 6 hours to heat up to the right temperature and 6 hours to cool down

Swarovski crystal application

Now high quality Swarovski crystals are set into Ganesha’s jewellery.

Finally, in order to protect all surfaces that have not been glazed, I apply a liquid wax layer with a brush.