All my sculptures, big or small statues are created by the same lenghty process. Here you can follow my work process for a Ganesha from the beginning to completion.


The Ganesha sculpture is modelled by hand with a high quality white stoneware clay.  After careful drying time, it is fired in my kiln.

Bisque Firing

The bisque firing is the first firing, which goes up to 950°C. The clay body has not yet reached maturity and is fired for the first time. It takes 8 hours to heat up to the right temperature and 8 hours to cool down.

Glazing and Second Firing

I now apply the coloured glazing. The 2nd firing goes up to 1150°C. The glaze melts in the fire to combine with the ceramic body. It takes 15 hours to heat up to the right temperature and 15 hours to cool down again.

Gold Application

I use gold for decorating my ceramics. This gold comes in a chemically processed and very toxic liquid form, but is quite safe and quite beautiful after firing.

I have to apply this liquid gold very carefully with a brush to the surface. Here I am with with my special protective outfit!

Gold Firing

3rd firing: The 750°C gold firing takes 6 hours to heat up to the right temperature and 6 hours to cool down

Embellishment with crystal Stones

Now high quality high quality crystal stones are set into Ganesha’s jewellery.

Finally, in order to protect all surfaces that have not been glazed, I apply a liquid wax layer with a brush.